About the SINTEF Climate Fund

SINTEF scientist doing research

The SINTEF Global Climate Fund will finance research into high-potential technologies and solutions that will result in the net removal of greenhouse gases from the air and oceans.

The Climate Fund offers a research-based donation mechanism for businesses, organisations and philanthropists that want to contribute to the development of the necessary solutions for coming generations. These solutions are still in the research phase – not sufficiently mature for investments by commercial funds and users.

Cuts are not enough

Even large reductions in greenhouse gas emissions are not enough to reach the goal of limiting global warming to one and a half degrees. There is no clear ownership of historical emissions and research to find solutions for removing them is limited. The SINTEF Global Climate Fund is an attempt to address this and contribute to an infant market for maturing net zero solutions.

A lack of research funding

There is a lack of funds for research that can invent and further develop the many conceivable, unrealised technologies. CO2 removal is essential – yet underfocused. The world needs major scale and new solutions – thinking beyond what is currently state of the art – to successfully mobilise for 2050.

SINTEF is currently investing 21 million NOK (7 million annually) to the Climate Fund, as we want to take responsibility beyond cutting our own emissions.

The Climate Fund promotes research into solutions that directly or indirectly remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere, while protecting environmental and social standards, in alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the principles of the EU taxonomy. The research projects that are currently financed by the Climate Fund have a strong climate potential.

SINTEF Global Climate Fund will provide funding for peer-reviewed SINTEF research advancing the technology required for greenhouse gas removal. We will ensure transparency and quality via an external review and our research community. The fund achieved a DARK GREEN rating by CICERO’s Shades of Green.


The SINTEF Global Climate Fund is an initiative launched by SINTEF Sustainability Accelerator Fund AS. This is a private limited company under establishment fully owned by the Norwegian foundation SINTEF.

The SINTEF Sustainability Accelerator Fund AS Board of Directors, at the time of establishment, is:

  • Alexandra Bech Gjørv, President and CEO, SINTEF
  • Idar Kreutzer, CEO, Finans Norge
  • Nils Anders Røkke, Executive Vice President Sustainability, SINTEF
  • Ingrid Lundestad, Head of Strategic Analysis, SINTEF
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