Sintef Climate Fund


eCDR: removing other GHGs

Other greenhouse gases than CO₂ account for 28% of man-made emissions – of these, methane and nitrous oxide are the most critical – and their concentration in the atmosphere is increasing steadily. The eCDR project looks at ways of removing other gases than CO₂ from the atmosphere – like methane and nitrous oxide.

The project is truly ground-breaking, since few efforts have been made so far to develop technologies to remove other greenhouse gases than CO₂. This project will provide a systematic overview of both the monetary and energy cost of such removal, and try to define its potential. It will also establish a research roadmap to achieve this potential. eCDR will review existing technology to remove methane and nitrous oxide, while trying to develop a process to remove those two gases as an integrated part of DAC.

Contact person: Rahul Anantharaman