Hand holding some biochar.

Large amounts of biomass are used every year for different purposes, causing also the production of big volumes of biomass residues, that are today mostly unused. Another by-product that will be more and more present in the future is oxygen. Indeed, Oxygen is a byproduct in the production of green hydrogen, where for each kg […]


Image of kelp growing underwater, with the sun showing through the water surface in the background.

Seaweed grows rapidly and is very efficient at capturing CO₂ from the ocean. According to current estimations, cultivating kelp over an area of 1,400km2 could yield annually as much as 20 million tonnes, capturing 4 million tonnes of CO₂ from the sea in the process. This amounts to about 8% of Norway’s total annual emissions. […]

eCDR: removing other GHGs

Illustration showing planet earth surrounded by clouds representing greenhouse gases.

Other greenhouse gases than CO₂ account for 28% of man-made emissions – of these, methane and nitrous oxide are the most critical – and their concentration in the atmosphere is increasing steadily. The eCDR project looks at ways of removing other gases than CO₂ from the atmosphere – like methane and nitrous oxide. The project […]