Image of kelp growing underwater, with the sun showing through the water surface in the background.

Seaweed grows rapidly and is very efficient at capturing CO₂ from the ocean. According to current estimations, cultivating kelp over an area of 1,400km2 could yield annually as much as 20 million tonnes, capturing 4 million tonnes of CO₂ from the sea in the process. This amounts to about 8% of Norway’s total annual emissions. […]

eCDR: removing other GHGs

Illustration showing planet earth surrounded by clouds representing greenhouse gases.

Other greenhouse gases than CO₂ account for 28% of man-made emissions – of these, methane and nitrous oxide are the most critical – and their concentration in the atmosphere is increasing steadily. The eCDR project looks at ways of removing other gases than CO₂ from the atmosphere – like methane and nitrous oxide. The project […]